Issue #16

Special cases aren't special enough to break the rules.

June 1, 2012

Special cases aren't special enough to break the rules.
Python 3.3.0 Alpha 4, light table with Python support and much more. 

Issue #16 : Special cases aren't special enough to break the rules. 


Friday, May 25th, 2012

Hi Pythonistas,

Not a lot of news this week but things are progressing on the sticker front. We should be receiving the new stickers next week so If you want a sticker send us a self addressed stamped envelope to (while supplies last):

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News and Latest Developments.

Light Table (
This has been on this newsletter before, but Light Table has now landed enough funds to get Python support right out of the gate. We are definitely excited to see how this works out as the videos of basic support for Flask looked extremely promising.

Radio Free Python - Episode 8 (
The latest episode of Radio Free Python, the monthly python podcast is out. This month’s episode includes an interview with Kristjan Valur Jonsson about Stackless Python and its use in Eve Online. Check it out!

Python 3.3.0 Alpha 4 Released (
Python 3.3.0 is making progress, and yesterday, May 31st, Alpha 4 dropped. It has tons of great new features and bug fixes. Try it out and report any issues to


Postmates is a small team with a huge vision that is changing local commerce.
They are currently hiring Python and iOS Engineers in San Francisco, California.


Coming to python from C, Python appreciation (
This is a great discussion around the joys of Python when coming from a background in C. The author posted a snippet of code that became very simple when converting it to Python. The ensuing discussion was a good discussion about more pythonic ways to solve the same problem in the snippet as well as some general discussion around coming to Python from other languages.


workflow (
Workflow is a minimalist file based workflow engine. It is used to automate tasks like periodically deleting or moving files, running scripts, etc.

webxray (
This is very awesome. From the documentation “Web X-Ray Goggles provide a simple and easy way for non-technical people to inspect Web pages and learn about how they are put together”. The way this works is that webxray gives you a bookmarklet that you or non-technical people can use to inspect web pages easily and efficiently.

django-discover-runner (
django-discover-runner is a test runner for django based on unittest2’s test runner. It solves the problem with the django test runner that it runs tests based on the structure of your Django project. django-discover-runner allows you to place your tests outside the structure of a django project and still allow you to run your test suite.

dnspython (
This is very nice. dnspython is a DNS toolkit written in python. Essentially this is your one stop shop for dealing with DNS in your python code. dnspython supports almost all record types. It can be used for queries, zone transfers, and dynamic updates.


Django Class-Based Views were a mistake (
Luke Plant Django core committer discusses why he thinks Django class-based views were a mistake. He quite convincingly argues that Django’s generic class-based are a complicated to extend, complex and not pythonic. This is a good read,  if you have any interest in Django you should read this.

Mongrel2 & Circus = Full control of your web stack (
Out of frustrations with Gunicorn Tarek Ziadé decided to set up a WSGI stack with Mongrel2 and Circus, his process manager. This article explains how to set this stack up with code examples, if you are interesting in trying this instead of your standard Gunicorn, check it out.

Don't use scatterplots (
In this article the author discusses how scatterplots are bad for visualizing data, as an alternative he suggests you should be plotting density not points. He provides some python code for generating the graphs in the blog post which can use to help you get this working with your dataset. Awesome!

Python thread locals are weird (
This post is a good exploration of the weirdness of Thread Locals in Python. The author compares the behavior of Thread Locals in old Python and new Python. Give it a read.

RQ Tips (
RQ is the new hotness when it comes to job queues for Python. We normally use Celery for this and it’s still likely the preferred solution, but RQ is great because its only dependency is redis which makes it very easy to manage. This blog post has a few useful tips for running RQ in production, check it out!


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June 1st, 2012


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Postmates is a small team with a huge vision that is changing local commerce.
They are currently hiring. Check out their open positions here!

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