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April 13, 2012

New versions of Python, Pandas v0.7.3, much more. 

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Friday, April 13th, 2012

Hi Pythonistas,

It's that time again, tons of super useful open source projects this week. We enjoyed hearing from everyone last week really makes writing this newsletter that much more enjoyable. Let's get to business. 

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If you are confused as to what this week's title means. Just start up a python terminal. Whats the first thing you see?

Mahdi and Mike
News and Latest Developments.

Python 2.6.8, 2.7.3, 3.1.5, and 3.2.3 Released
Various Python releases are now available which include fixes for security issues in Python's hash based types, dict and set. Further details are available by following the link.

Gevent 1.0b2
1.0 Beta 2 of Gevent has been released. Time to start monkey patching your sockets!

pandas v.0.7.3
This is a minor release from 0.7.2 and fixes many minor bugs and adds a number of nice new features. Definitely worth a look; Nice work Wes and contributors.

Virtualenvwrapper 3.2
The latest version of  Virtualenvwrapper has been released with some new features and better support for non-CPython interpreters, we are looking at you pypy,  Jython, etc.


Postmates is a small team with a huge vision that is changing local commerce.
They are currently hiring Python and iOS Engineers in San Francisco, California.


Is it better to learn Python or JavaScript as a first language?
There is a really good ongoing discussion here on quora about whether you should learn Python or Javascript as your first programming language.

[Python-Dev] Experimenting with STM on CPython
This is an interesting and very involved discussion on the Python-Dev Mailing list about experimenting with STM on CPython as an alternative to the GIL. If Python language Development is something that interests you, this thread is definitely worth checking out.


docopt -- pythonic option parser, that will make you smile.
So this is cool. When you use docopt all you do is put the (correctly formatted usage) for your module in the module’s docstring and then have it parsed with docopt. Awesome.

If you’re the trusting sort, you can install this just by typing “curl -L | bash” in your terminal. Curlish is a drop in replacement for Curl that has Oauth 2.0 support. It allows you to do clever things like register sites that use Oauth 2.0 and then remembers your auth tokens. Very cool, check it out.

Inline Styler
Styling HTML email is a black art. CSS works, but only when it's been placed inline on the individual elements (and even then, not always) - which makes development frustrating, and iteration slow. Say no more; this takes external css and maps it directly to element. Awesome for anyone who has to rangle HTML email.

PyV8 Packaged for OSX
If you haven’t heard of PyV8, PyV8 is a python wrapper for Google V8 engine, it act as a bridge between the Python and JavaScript objects, and support to hosting Google's v8 engine in a python script.  If this has any appeal to you and you are on OSX you should check this out.

Jeeves Framework
Jeeves is a Framework for simply creating IRC bots with one command. With all the talk of campfire bots and such like hubot its cool to see some options starting to show up for IRC.

Snippets is a code snippets static repository generator. It is like Jekyll/Pelican/etc. for blog, but for code snippets.

Slumber is a library built on requests that provides a convenient interface for consuming ReSTful APIs. Slumber  abstracts away the handling of urls, serialization, and processing requests. Looks like it could be pretty useful. Check it out. Via @getpy.


Python Cheat Sheet
I usually end up looking up a ton of these from time to time; Pretty generic python cheat sheet, would help me stop googling date formatting strings; Definitely worth the print out.

A Primer on Python Decorators
Clear and concise primer on python decorators, for those of you who have been waiting for that one article to layout all the facts. Look no further.

Data Streaming Basics in Brewery
Brewery is a Python framework and a way of analysing and auditing data. Basic principle is flow of structured data through processing and analysing nodes. This articles takes you through writing your first nodes and data streams.

Implementing a generator/yield in a Python C extension
If you are interested in the Python C API this post may be of interest. This post is focused on implementing Generator/Yield expressions in a Python C extension using the Python C API. This is a very thorough walkthrough with the full code available at the end of the post.


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Apr 20th, 2012


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Postmates is a small team with a huge vision that is changing local commerce.
They are currently hiring. Check out their open positions here!

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