Issue #70


June 14, 2013

 Salmon, new Werkzeug and Flask releases and much more.

Issue #70: Glass
Friday,  June 14th, 2013

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News and Developments.


New Werkzeug and Flask Releases (

New versions of Werkzeug and Flask have been released. New releases are dropping Python 2.5 support and the new version of Werkzeug might have broken your code. Click through to read all the details.


Call for Proposals: PyCon APAC 2013 (



From our sponsors:
There's a lot to worry about when building your application, your database shouldn't have to be part of that. Let Heroku Postgres take care of that for you .


Explain it like I'm five: Python and Unicode? (





wssh (

This is a ssh to websockets bridge which allows you to invoke a remove shell over HTTP. Pretty great. This includes is a web interface and a server. (

Nudity detection in Python. This is a port of nude.js.


django-dotenv (

This is very useful. Allows Django’s to read the .env file in your project directory and populate your environment with the variables held within.


pidcat (

Show coloured log entries for a specific application package only. Click through for screenshots and all the details.


django-salted (

Full stack SaltStack configuration for Django with the help of Vagrant.


salmon (

Salmon is a multi-server monitoring system built on top of Salt Stack. It can serve as both an alerting system and a monitoring system which can help you consolidate your tools a bit. Check out the README for screenshots, info and directions to try it out.

Python Jobs.


Developer  (Washington, DC)

at New Organizing institute.


Software Engineer (San Francisco, CA)

at Postmates.



>>> More Python Jobs


Content-based image classification in Python (

Extremely interesting classification problem with nicely fleshed out walkthrough!

Running Concurrent Tests (

Corey shows us how to use his new module concurrencytest to speed up test run times.

Quantitative Text Analysis Tutorials (

Wanted to learn about quantitative text analysis? Here are series of tutorial to get you up and running in Python.

Filter a list in two parts (

One of the reason’s I really enjoy Ned’s blog is for his discussion of interesting solutions to relatively simple problems which give you new ways to look at something old.


Using Django Querysets Effectively (

Nice article on the Django Querysets, tons of wins you could apply to your web application today!


Core Concepts of Django ModelForms (

Excellent summary for the purpose and use of Django ModelForms.


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June 21st, 2013


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