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Apple App Store, Built-Ins, Constraint Programming, and More

July 9, 2024

Apple App Store, Built-Ins, Constraint Programming, and More
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Python Grapples With Apple App Store Rejections
A string that is part of the urllib parser module in Python references a scheme for apps that use the iTunes feature to install other apps, which is disallowed. Auto scanning by Apple is rejecting any app that uses Python 3.12 underneath. A solution has been proposed for Python 3.13.

Python’s Built-in Functions: A Complete Exploration
In this tutorial, you’ll learn the basics of working with Python’s numerous built-in functions. You’ll explore how you can use these predefined functions to perform common tasks and operations, such as mathematical calculations, data type conversions, and string manipulations.

Python Error and Performance Monitoring That Doesn’t Suck
With Sentry, you can trace issues from the frontend to the backend—detecting slow and broken code, to fix what’s broken faster. Installing the Python SDK is super easy and PyCoder’s Weekly subscribers get three full months of the team plan. Just use code “pycoder” on signup →

Constraint Programming Using CP-SAT and Python
Constraint programming is the process of looking for solutions based on a series of restrictions, like employees over 18 who have worked the cash before. This article introduces the concept and shows you how to use open source libraries to write constraint solving code.

Register for PyOhio, July 27-28
PYOHIO.ORG • Shared by Anurag Saxena

Psycopg 3.2 Released

Polars 1.0 Released

Quiz: Python’s Magic Methods


Any Web Devs Successfully Pivoted to AI/ML Development?

Articles & Tutorials

A Search Engine for Python Packages
Finding the right Python package on PyPI can be a bit difficult, since PyPI isn’t really designed for discovering packages easily. solves this problem by allowing you to search using descriptions like “A package that makes nice plots and visualizations.”
PYPISCOUT.COM • Shared by Florian Maas

Programming Advice I’d Give Myself 15 Years Ago
Marcus writes in depth about things he has learned in his coding career and wished he new earlier in his journey. Thoughts include fixing foot guns, understanding the pace-quality trade-off, sharpening your axe, and more. Associated HN Discussion.

Keeping Things in Sync: Derive vs Test
Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) is generally a good coding philosophy, but it shouldn’t be adhered to blindly. There are other alternatives, like using tests to make sure that duplication stays in sync. This article outlines the why and how of just that.

8 Versions of UUID and When to Use Them
RFC 9562 outlines the structure of Universally Unique IDentifiers (UUIDs) and includes eight different versions. In this post, Nicole gives a quick intro to each kind so you don’t have to read the docs, and explains why you might choose each.

Defining Python Constants for Code Maintainability
In this video course, you’ll learn how to properly define constants in Python. By coding a bunch of practical example, you’ll also learn how Python constants can improve your code’s readability, reusability, and maintainability.

Django: Test for Pending Migrations
The makemigrations --check command tells you if there is missing migrations in your Django project, but you have to remember to run it. Adam suggests calling it from a test so it gets triggered as part of your CI/CD process.

How to Maximize Your Experience at EuroPython 2024
Conferences can be overwhelming, with lots going on and lots of choices. This post talks about how to get the best experience at EuroPython, or any conference.

Polars vs. pandas: What’s the Difference?
Explore the key distinctions between Polars and Pandas, two data manipulation tools. Discover which framework suits your data processing needs best.

An Overview of the Sparse Array Ecosystem for Python
An overview of the different options available for working with sparse arrays in Python.

Projects & Code

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Get Space Weather Data
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AI to Drop Hats

amphi-etl: Low-Code ETL for Data

aurora: Static Site Generator Implemented in Python

pytest-edit: pytest --edit to Open Failing Test Code

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