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WAV Files, Reflex, Autopilot, and More

April 2, 2024

WAV Files, Reflex, Autopilot, and More
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Reading and Writing WAV Files in Python
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to work with WAV audio files in Python using the standard-library wave module. Along the way, you’ll synthesize sounds from scratch, visualize waveforms in the time domain, animate real-time spectrograms, and apply special effects to widen the stereo field.

Designing a Pure Python Web Framework
This blog post talks about Reflex, a Python web framework. The post talks about what makes Reflex different from other frameworks and shows you sample starting code. See also the associated HN Discussion.

Creating an Autopilot in X-Plane Using Python
X-Plane is a flight simulator, and Austin is using Python to create an autopilot using proportional integral derivative controllers. Read on to see how its done.

Mojo Goes Open Source

PyPI Hiring a Support Specialist (Remote)


Draft PEP: Sealed Decorator for Static Typing

What Are Some Good Python Codebases to Read?

Articles & Tutorials

Using Python in Bioinformatics and the Laboratory
How is Python being used to automate processes in the laboratory? How can it speed up scientific work with DNA sequencing? This week on the show, Chemical Engineering PhD Student Parsa Ghadermazi is here to discuss Python in bioinformatics.

Handling Database Migrations With Alembic
Alembic is a change control tool for database content in SQLAlchemy. This article looks at the high-level architecture of how Alembic works, how to add it to your project, and some common workflows you’ll encounter.
PAUL ESCH-LAURENT • Shared by Michael Herman

Python Tricks: A Buffet of Awesome Python Features
Discover Python’s best practices with simple examples and start writing even more beautiful + Pythonic code. “Python Tricks: The Book” shows you exactly how. You’ll master intermediate and advanced-level features in Python with practical examples and a clear narrative. Get the book + video bundle 33% off →
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Python in List of Best Languages to Learn
The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has identified the top four languages for programmers to learn and Python made the list. Median annual wage of programmers in the US is expected to rise 25% in the next 5 years.

Finding Python Easter Eggs
Python has its fair share of hidden surprises, commonly known as Easter eggs. From clever jokes to secret messages, these little mysteries are often meant to be discovered by curious geeks like you!

PyPI Temporarily Halted New Users and Projects
To fend off a supply-chain attack, PyPI temporarily halted new users and projects for about 10 hours last week. This article discusses why, and the scourge of supply-chain attacks.

Broadcasting in NumPy
Broadcasting in NumPy is not the most exciting topic, but this article explores the topic using a narrative perspective. This is not your standard “broadcasting in NumPy” article!
STEPHEN GRUPPETTA • Shared by Stephen Gruppetta

A Better Python Cache for Slow Function Calls
The folks at Sweep AI needed something more persistent than Python’s lru_cache. This post talks about the design behind a file based cached decorator they’ve recently released.

Jupyter & IPython Terminology Explained
Are you trying to understand the differences between Jupyter Notebook, JupyterLab, IPython, Colab, and related terms? This article is for you.

How I Manage Python in 2024
This post covers the tools one developer uses in their day-to-day process. Read on for info about mise, uv, ruff, and more.

Fixing a Bug in PyPy’s Incremental GC
A deep dive on hunting a tricky bug in the garbage collection code inside the alternate interpreter PyPy.

Projects & Code

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django-prose-editor: Rich Text Editing for Django

pycountry: ISO Country, Language, Currency and More

sqlelf: Explore ELF Objects Through the Power of SQL

Python Post-Mortem Debugger
GITHUB.COM/COCOLATO • Shared by cocolato

botasaurus: Framework to Build Awesome Scrapers

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