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Polars, Immortal Objects, Playwright, and More

Aug. 22, 2023

Polars, Immortal Objects, Playwright, and More
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Python Polars: A Lightning-Fast DataFrame Library
Welcome to the world of Polars, a powerful DataFrame library for Python! In this showcase tutorial, you’ll get a hands-on introduction to Polars’ core features and see why this library is catching so much buzz.

Introducing Immortal Objects for Python
This article explains immortal objects (PEP 683) which are excluded from garbage collection. This causes performance and shared memory improvements for large architectures.

Support Your Next Python Project With a .XYZ Domain
The .xyz domain extension was built for tech-forward applications. Python developers can showcase their skills or support their latest project using a .xyz domain name. New .xyz domains are on sale for just about $2 at Porkbun now. Get your .xyz domain →

End-to-End Testing With Python and Playwright
This post shows you how to get started with Playwright, add end-to-end tests to an existing project, and automate running it using GitHub Actions.
MARKOS GOGOULOS • Shared by Laura Stephens

Introducing Python in Excel
Microsoft has announced that they’re embedding Python into Excel through a partnership with Anaconda. Read on for details.

Articles & Tutorials

Using the NumPy Random Number Generator
In this tutorial, you’ll take a look at the powerful random number capabilities of the NumPy random number generator. You’ll learn how to work with both individual numbers and NumPy arrays, as well as how to sample from a statistical distribution.

Not-So-Casual Performance Optimization in Python
Nathaniel did a small project where he implemented the sum of inverse squares in multiple programming languages. The Python version was rather slow. This article talks about alternate ways of writing the Python code for better performance.

Companies like GitLab, Snowflake, and Slack Scan Their Code for Vulnerabilities Using Semgrep
Scan your code and dependencies for security vulnerabilities for free with Semgrep - the trusted OSS tool used by top companies like GitLab, Snowflake, and Slack. No security expertise needed, simply add your project and let Semgrep do the work in just minutes →

Solving a Simple Puzzle Using SymPy
This short blog post shows you how to formulate a series of equations and solve them using SymPy for a small geometric brain teaser. There is also an associated Hacker News Discussion.

Process Images Using the Pillow Library and Python
In this video course, you’ll learn how to use the Python Pillow library to deal with images and perform image processing. You’ll also explore using NumPy for further processing, including to create animations.

Python: Just Write SQL
This article shows you how to use SQL directly from Python, serializing to a dataclass instead of using an ORM. It has an associated Hacker News Discussion.

Create Your Own Diff-Tool Using Python
This article teaches you how to create your own diff-tool using pure Python. In addition to covering how to diff content, it also incorporates argparse to manage the command line options.

What Learning APL Taught Me About Python
Sometimes learning a new language provides perspective in the ones you already know. Rodrigo picked up APL, and this article discusses what that taught him about Python.

GitHub Now Scans Public Issues for PyPI Secrets
This PyPI blog post talks about the integration between them and GitHub to help ensure accidental exposure of PyPI secrets is quickly dealt with.

Reference Counting Internals of Python
Explore CPython’s memory management through a deep dive into Reference Counting. Learn how it functions, its implementation and its limitations

Learn How to Deploy Scientific AI Models to Edge Environments, Using OpenVINO Model Server
🤔 Can cell therapy and AI be used together? Learn how to efficiently build and deploy scientific AI models using open-source technologies with Beckman Coulter Life Sciences at our upcoming DevCon OpenVINO webinar. #DevCon2023

Avoiding Silent Failures: Best Practices for Error Handling
The Zen of Python famously states, “Errors should never pass silently.” But just what does that mean, and what should you do instead?

Projects & Code

Brought to you by Real Python for Teamssponsor
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functime: Time-Series ML and Embeddings at Scale

learndb-py: Learn Database Internals by Implementing One

outlines: Generative Model Programming

trafilatura: Python & Command-Line Tool to Get Web Text

PythonMonkey: JavaScript Engine Embedded in Python

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