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F-Strings in Py3.12, Profiling, Quirks, No-GIL, and More

Aug. 1, 2023

F-Strings in Py3.12, Profiling, Quirks, No-GIL, and More
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Python 3.12 Preview: More Intuitive and Consistent F-Strings
In this tutorial, you’ll preview one of the upcoming features of Python 3.12, which introduces a new f-string syntax formalization and implementation. The new implementation lifts some restrictions and limitations that affect f-string literals in Python versions lower than 3.12.

Python: Profile a Section of Code With cProfile
“When trying to improve a slow function or module, it’s always a good idea to profile it. Here’s a snippet for quickly profiling a section of code with Python’s cProfile module.”

AI/ML and Your Tech Career: Get the Answers You Need With Interview Kickstart
Will AI replace tech jobs or will your job evolve? Is it too late to switch to a career in AI/ML? Attend Interview Kickstart’s free session with Co-founder Soham Mehta (ex-Engineering Head @Box) to explore your AI career path, gain insights from FAANG AI/ML engineers, and find answers. Register now →

Python Quirks
A straight-out list of code snippets showing off some of the weird and unexpected behavior of your favorite language.

Steering Council Announces Optional GIL

Articles & Tutorials

Getting Started With Vector DBs in Python
Vector databases are all the rage today, with LLMs driving their popularity. This article breaks down nine different choices in details including how you connect to them in Python. It even points you at a few others in case you need more.

Socket Programming in Python Part 1: Handling Connections
In this video course, you’ll learn how to build a socket server and client with Python. Along the way, you’ll get to know the main functions and methods in Python’s socket module, and you’ll implement a multi-connection server and client.

CTF 101 Workshop | Aug 3 @ 11am EDT | Register for Free
Did you know Snyk can be used to solve CTF challenges? Join Snyk’s CTF 101 Workshop to learn how, and get live support from CTF experts in the virtual hands-on lab as you solve your first challenge. Plus, (ISC)2 members will get 1 credit. Save your spot →

Leveraging Your Database With Postgres and Python
Are you getting the most out of your Postgres database? What features could you leverage to improve your Python project? This week on the show, Craig Kerstiens from Crunchy Data is here to discuss getting the most out of Postgres.

Using Rich Inspect to Interrogate Python Objects
You might know the Rich library as the terminal color tool, but it has a few utilities in it that are generally helpful in your code. This article shows you the inspect feature that gives you loads of info on an object.

End to End Data Applications With SQL and Jupyter
This comprehensive course gives you a step-by-step introduction to building data applications using Python, SQL, and Jupyter notebooks. It even includes an introduction to visualization using plotly and others.

Flood Fill Mazes
This article shows you how to generate mazes using jupyter notebooks, numpy, matplotlib, and the scikit-image flood_fill function. It shows both a traditional square-cornered maze as well as a bendy labyrinth.

Text Editor Data Structures
This article details the different ways a text editor represents text in memory and the advantages of each. Unfortunately, the examples aren’t in Python, but there is plenty CS stuff to dig into here.

Software Design by Example
This is CS 101 in a web friendly format. It covers the basic concepts of software design using examples, with a focus on self taught data scientists who want to bring their coding to the next level.

A Practical Use for &=
Can you already picture real use cases for this little Pythonic gem? Learn about the bitwise-and-equal operator and where it can be used.
PETE FISON • Shared by Pete Fison

EuroPython 2023
Python’s Developer in Residence has starting blogging again and this week he sums up his experience at EuroPython 2023.

Working With AJAX in Django
This article looks at how to perform GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE AJAX requests in Django with the Fetch API and jQuery.
YACINE ROUIZI • Shared by Yacine Rouizi

Running Untrusted Python Code
Andrew wanted to play with some untrusted Python. Read how he used seccomp and setrlimit to build a Python sandbox.

Projects & Code

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training-code: Fine-Tuning Causal Language Models

django-pgcrypto-fields: Django Encryption With Pgcrypto

Comprehensive Python Cheatsheet

plotoptix: Ray Tracing in Python Based on OptiX

basaran: OSS Alternative to OpenAI Text Completion API

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