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SOLID OOP, Mojo, PyCon Keynote, and More

May 9, 2023

SOLID OOP, Mojo, PyCon Keynote, and More
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SOLID Principles: Improve Object-Oriented Design in Python
In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the SOLID principles, which are five well-established standards for improving your object-oriented design in Python. By applying these principles, you can create object-oriented code that is more maintainable, extensible, scalable, and testable.

Mojo, a Superset of Python
Mojo is a new programming language, which is a superset of Python. It aims to fix Python’s performance and deployment problems.

Can Postgres do that
The answer is often yes. Just Postgres can do a lot. Not a “Postgres” compatible imitation, actual Postgres. Want a provider that can assist you? We’re here to help →

Giving the PyCon 2023 Keynote
This brief article describes Ned’s thinking as he was preparing to give the keynote to PyCon 2023. Links to his slides for the talk are included.

Wagtail 5.0 Released

North Bay Python 2023 Call for Proposals

Django Security Releases Issued: 4.2.1, 4.1.9, and 3.2.19

PyGotham TV 2023 Call for Proposals
PYGOTHAM.TV • Shared by Jon Banafato


How Do You Install Python?
BOB BELDERBOS • Shared by Bob

Python Jobs

Software Engineer - Backend/Python (100% Remote)

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Articles & Tutorials

WebAssembly Platforms & Distilling a Minimum Viable Python
Are you familiar with the different versions of WebAssembly? Could WASM be the “write once, run everywhere” solution that developers have searched for? Where does distributing Python applications fit in the narrative? This week on the show, we have CPython core developer Brett Cannon to discuss his recent articles about WebAssembly and MVPy.

Introducing Grasshopper: A Python Load Testing Library
This article introduces you to Grasshopper, an open source load testing library for Python. It is built on top of Locust and PyTest providing additional ways of checking and timing your tests.

Automate Slack and Microsoft Teams Notifications using Python
Integrating with the Slack and Microsoft APIs is fairly straightforward, implementing these tools as a part of a full-featured notification system that embeds with your app experience can be far more daunting. Make these tools a seamless part of how your app communicates with users. Learn how →

How to Implement Screen Navigation in Your Kivy App
A step-by-step guide to implement Screen Navigation in a Kivy app. How to go from an App idea, into Screen design to full implementation. The guide also touches topics related to structuring the codebase. Plus some tips and tricks.
ANDREA RONDÓN • Shared by Andrea Rondón

Learn Python With Jupyter
This freely available book in PDF format teaches you how to write Python using a Jupyter Notebook. The language is introduced through a series of exercises so you can code along as you learn.

Missing Batteries: Essential Libraries You’re Missing Out On
Even though Python’s standard library comes with “batteries included,” it’s still missing some essentials. This article covers libraries for debugging, testing, CLI, and more.
MARTINHEINZ.DEV • Shared by Martin Heinz

TQDM: Tracking the Progress of Your Python Program
This article introduces you to TQDM, a console based progress bar library. It shows you how to use it within your software including ways of customizing its appearance.

Evolution of MicroPython Poster
This PDF poster was created in celebration of MicroPython’s 10th birthday and covers the history of the project back from its original kickstarter in 2013.

Have Python Show Warnings When Running Django
How to show warnings when running Python, and Django, during local development. The easy, yet not well known, way.

Pylint Strict Base Configuration
This brief article shares Lucas’s .pylintrc file putting the popular linter into a more strict configuration.

Projects & Code

Brought to you by Real Python for Teamssponsor
Online Python training created by a community of experts. Give your team the real-world Python skills they need to succeed →

frappe: Low Code Web Framework for Python

gpt-json: Structured and Typehinted GPT Responses

cria: Tiny Inference-Only Implementation of LLaMA

frogmouth: A Markdown Browser for Your Terminal

README-AI: Automated Tool for Generating README Files
GITHUB.COM/ELI64S • Shared by Eli

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May 10, 2023

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