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PyPI Trusted Publishers, Namespaces, ChatGPT REPL, and More

April 25, 2023

PyPI Trusted Publishers, Namespaces, ChatGPT REPL, and More
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PyPI Introduces “Trusted Publishers”
PyPI package maintainers can adopt a new, more secure “OIDC authenticated” publishing method that does not require long-lived passwords or API tokens to be shared with external systems.

What’s a Python Namespace Package, and What’s It For?
In this tutorial, you’ll be exploring Python namespace packages: what they are, what they’re for, and how you can use them in your package systems. Along the way, you’ll create your own set of namespace packages and explore how you might be able to use them in your own projects.

Analyze Your Python Code for Security Issues for Free
Semgrep is trusted by hundreds of thousands of developers at top companies, such as GitLab, Snowflake, Slack, and many more, to ensure the security of their code (SAST) and dependencies (SCA). Add your project in 1 minute and see for yourself →

Building a ChatGPT-enhanced Python REPL
This blog shows how Logan built a Python REPL augmented with ChatGPT. It details the application itself as well as speculating on software engineering patterns that might emerge in systems built on Large Language Models (LLMs).

Python 3.10 Runtime Now Available in AWS Lambda


PEP 707: A Simplified Signature for __exit__ and __aexit__

Ideas: Allow Comprehension Syntax in for Loop

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Articles & Tutorials

Dependency Injection in Python
“Dependency Injection (DI) is a design pattern that encourages loose coupling, maintainability, and testability within software applications.” Though more often associated with statically typed languages, the pattern can be applied with Python.

Improve Your Code With Pre-Commit
This article covers a variety of tools you can attach to your repo’s pre-commit hook to validate your code. Although the article is from a Django perspective, all but one of the tools covered is Django-agnostic.

Polish your Python Code with Pylint
Discover the — often overlooked — value of linting in Snyk’s guide to improving code quality with Pylint →

Limiting Concurrency in Python asyncio
This article shows you how to do rate limiting when dealing with repeated tasks within asyncio. It uses a thread pool and imap_unordered() to show you why the answer may not always be to use a Semaphore.

Summing Values the Pythonic Way With sum()
In this video course, you’ll learn how to use Python’s sum() function to add numeric values together. You’ll also learn how to concatenate sequences, such as lists and tuples, using sum().

Google’s Assured OSS Python Packages
Google publishes a list of the Open Source packages it uses and secures within its own software supply chain. The list is made public so you can take advantage of their assessment.

The Fastest Way to Read a CSV File in Pandas 2.0
The fastest way to read a CSV file into a Pandas DataFrame isn’t pd.read_csv(). This article shows you the alternative and how the result was bench-marked.

Building Reproducible Python Environments With XARs
XAR is an archiving format that can contain a tree of files. This article details how they can be used to package Python environments for deploy-ability.

Django Performance Optimization Tips
This article looks at where potential performance issues can occur in a Django application and how to address them in order to speed up your app.
MICHAEL HERMAN • Shared by Michael Herman

Python Packages: A Primer for Data People
This article introduces you to the concept of Python modules and packages. How and where you use them and why you should.

Projects & Code

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Mouse Scroll Wheel Acceleration in User Space

faiss: Similarity Search & Clustering of Dense Vectors

trrex: Efficient String Matching With Regular Expressions
GITHUB.COM/MESEJO • Shared by Daniel Mesejo

pypi-diff: PyPI Package History Tracking

nanobind: Tiny and Efficient C++/Python Bindings

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