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70+ Python Projects, PEP 654 and Exception Groups, Context Managers, and More

June 8, 2021

70+ Python Projects, PEP 654 and Exception Groups, Context Managers, and More
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PEP 654: Exception Groups and except*
Currently, Python’s exception handling mechanisms only allow you to focus on a single exception at a time. PEP 654, which is still in draft, aims to change that by adding to the Python language the concept of an exception group. Learn about this proposed feature in this article covering the discussion about exception groups from the 2021 Python Language Summit

70+ Python Projects for Beginners, Intermediate and Experienced Developers
We don’t often include listicles in PyCoder’s Weekly, but this was just too good of a resource to pass up. If you’re looking for some Python projects to tackle, whether your a beginner looking to learn some new skills or an advanced developer researching implementation ideas, this list of over 70 Python projects has you covered.

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Context Managers and Python’s with Statement
Context managers are a must-know Python language feature. In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn what the Python with statement is and how to use it with existing context managers. You’ll also learn how to create your own context managers.

PyCon US 2021 Recordings Are Complete!
You can now watch all of the PyCon 2021 US videos on YouTube.

CircuitPython 6.3.0 Released
The third alpha release of the next major version 7.0.0 is also available.

PyCharm 2021.2 EAP Has Started
Try out new features and provide feedback on the latest, unreleased version of PyCharm.


TIL I’ve Been Making Debugging Statements Harder Than They Needed to Be
Python 3.8’s new f-string feature is a huge win for teaching and debugging!

Python Jobs

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Articles & Tutorials

Permissions in Django Rest Framework
Django Rest Framework (DRF) is a powerful framework for creating RESTful APIs in Django. Permissions in DRF allow you to limit access to a resource to a subset of authenticated users. Learn how permissions work in DRF in this in-depth tutorial. You’ll learn about DRF’s built-in permission classes, as well as how to define your own custom permissions.
ŠPELA GIACOMELLI • Shared by Špela Giacomelli (aka GirlLovesToCode)

Create Web Applications Using Only Python With Anvil
What if you could create an application and deploy it to the web with just Python? Wouldn’t it be nice to skip the additional full-stack development steps of learning three different languages in addition to Python? That’s the idea behind Anvil. This week on the Real Python Podcast, we have Meredydd Luff, co-founder of Anvil.

How to Build a Webhook Receiver in Django
Webhooks are a common way to receive data in web applications. In this hands-on tutorial, you’ll learn how to build a webhook receiver in Django — with tests!. The article strictly covers receiving data and doesn’t touch on what to do with that data, since that would be application-dependent anyway.

Find your Next Python Job with Hired
Take 5 minutes to build your free profile to start getting interviews for your next job! Companies on Hired are actively hiring right now and need your Python skillset →

Python Community Interview With Sebastián Ramírez
Sebastián Ramírez is a software developer at Explosion AI and is the creator of the popular frameworks FastAPI and Typer. In this interview, we discuss typing in Python, his motivations for creating FastAPI and the future of the framework, and much more.

2021: The Year Windows Became a First Class Python Development Environment
Have you heard that Windows and Python don’t play nice together? Well, it might be time to think again! In this opinion piece, author Chris Patti explains why 2021 is finally the year that Windows offers a top-notch Python development environment.

Get Feedback Faster with YourBase Test Acceleration
YourBase Test Acceleration can reduce testing and compute cost time by up to 90%. You don’t have to replace your CI, your build system, or your version control. Getting started is as easy as a pip install, and you don’t have to share any data.

Python Basics: Setting Up Python
The first step to getting started with Python is to set it up on your machine. In this course, you’ll learn how to download Python for Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu Linux and how to open Python’s Integrated Development and Learning Environment, IDLE.

Projects & Code

Brought to you by Real Python for Teamssponsor
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Tkinter-Designer: Create Beautiful Tkinter GUIs by Drag and Drop

pyRTOS: RTOS Written in Pure Python, Designed for Use With CircuitPython

full-stack-fastapi-postgresql: Full Stack, Modern Web Application Generator

RapidFuzz: Rapid Fuzzy String Matching in Python Using Various String Metrics

fuzzywuzzy: Fuzzy String Matching in Python

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