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Pythonic Exercises, FastAPI App Structure, Data Visualization With Dash, and More

Jan. 12, 2021

Pythonic Exercises, FastAPI App Structure, Data Visualization With Dash, and More
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Advent of Code 2020 “Pytudes”
Google researcher Peter Norvig goes through a suite of short Python programs and exercises for perfecting particular programming skills.

NumPy Tutorial: Your First Steps Into Data Science in Python
Learn everything you need to know to get up and running with NumPy, Python’s de facto standard for multidimensional data arrays. NumPy is the foundation for most data science in Python, so if you’re interested in that field, then this is a great place to start.

Rapidly Troubleshoot Your Python Application in Real Time With Datadog APM
Datadog’s Continuous Profiler analyzes code performance enabling you to identify the most resource-consuming parts in your application code in order to improve MTTR and enhance user experience. See which services or calls are contributing to overall latency and optimize your app performance →

Implementing FastAPI Services: Abstraction and Separation of Concerns
This article introduces an approach to structure FastAPI applications with multiple services in mind. The proposed structure decomposes the individual services into packages and modules, following principles of abstraction and separation of concerns.
CAMILLO VISINI • Shared by Camillo Visini

Visual Intro to NumPy and Data Representation
“In this post, we’ll look at some of the main ways to use NumPy and how it can represent different types of data (tables, images, text…etc) before we can serve them to machine learning models.”
JAY ALAMMAR • Shared by Python Bytes FM

Develop Data Visualization Interfaces in Python With Dash
Learn how to build a dashboard using Python and Dash. Dash is a framework for building data visualization interfaces. It helps data scientists build fully interactive web applications quickly.

Reinventing the Python Logo: Interview With a UI Designer
UI designer Jessica Williamson redesigns the Python logo as a hobby project and receives 7000 upvotes on Reddit. Here’s an interview with her.

PyCon US 2021: Call for Proposals Is Open


Anaconda Is Not Free for Commercial Use (Anymore)?
Anaconda’s CEO responds on the thread: “At this time, there is no prohibition on using Anaconda Individual Edition in a small-scale commercial setting like yours.” Related discussion on Twitter.

Best IDE for Python
“Right now I am using the standard Python IDLE. I am new to Python and want something better. I have seen a few but they all look too complicated.”

Python Jobs

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Entry-Level Engineering Programme (London, UK)

Senior Backend Engineer (London, UK or Remote)

Backend Engineer (London, UK or Remote)

Backend Engineer (Berlin, Germany)

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Articles & Tutorials

What Is Data Engineering and Researching 10 Million Jupyter Notebooks
“Are you familiar with the role data engineers play in the modern landscape of data science and Python? Data engineering is a sub-discipline that focuses on the transportation, transformation, and storage of data. This week on the show, David Amos is back, and he’s brought another batch of PyCoder’s Weekly articles and projects.”

Django Migrations Without Downtimes [2015]
“Applying migrations on a live system can bring down your web-server in counter-intuitive ways. I’ll talk about common schema change scenarios and how those can be safely carried out on a live system with a Postgres database. We’ll look at locking and timing issues, multi-phase deployments and migration system peculiarities.”

Automating Code Performance Testing Now Possible
Performance is a feature, test it as such. Test performance in CI/CD. Validate production deploys. Blackfire offers a robust way to run test scenarios and validate code changes, automatically. Discover Blackfire Builds now. Free 15 days trial.

Quick Way to Find and Fix Invalid Values in Numerical Data Columns
Real world data sets often include invalid data values. Investigating them can be difficult, since attempting to convert them to the correct types causes exceptions. In this article you’ll take a look at a “real world” messy data set and learn a quick trick to summarize and fix invalid data values.

Robust Web Scraping or Web API Based Data Collection
“Large scale data collection via web scraping or web APIs must run reliably over days or even weeks. This brings up problems that mainly focus on the robustness of the data collection process. I will try to tackle some of these problems in this post.”
MARKUS KONRAD • Shared by Markus Konrad

Building ML Teams and Finding ML Jobs
“Are you building or running an internal machine learning team? How about looking for a new ML position? On this episode, I talk with Chip Huyen from Snorkel AI about building ML teams, finding ML positions, and teach ML at Stanford.”

Indexing and Selecting in Pandas by Callable
“In Pandas, you can use callables where indexers are accepted. It turns out that can be handy for a pretty common use case.”

Hacking QR Code Design
“How to create QR codes that look like anything by inverting the QR creation process.” (Python source code included.)

Understand Django: Serving Static Files
Static files are critical to apps, but have little to do with Python code. See what they are and what they do.
MATT LAYMAN • Shared by Matt Layman

float vs decimal in Python
Learn the differences between floats and decimals in Python, common issues, and when to use each.
STEVEN PATE • Shared by Steven Pate

How to Make a Violin Plot in Python Using Matplotlib and Seaborn

The Easiest Way to Rename a Column in Pandas
Two easy recipes for renaming column(s) in a Pandas DataFrame.

Switch/Case in Python

Event-Driven: Architecture Lessons Learned in Building a Poker Platform With Event Sourcing
MAX MCCREA • Shared by Max

Generate File Reports Using Python’s string.Template
FLORIAN DAHLITZ • Shared by Florian Dahlitz

Projects & Code

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Learn X by Doing Y: Project-Based Learning Search Engine

fontpreview: Python Library for Font Previews

aioauth: Asynchronous OAuth 2.0 Framework and Provider for Python 3

funct: Like a Python List but Better

Thonny: Hassle-Free Python Micro-IDE

mutmut: Mutation Testing System

Scipy Lecture Notes: Tutorial Material on the Scientific Python Ecosystem

fpdf2: Simple PDF Generation for Python

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