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Python Pickles, Chess From Scratch, Python Speed, and More

Dec. 22, 2020

Python Pickles, Chess From Scratch, Python Speed, and More
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Building My Own Chess Engine
Writing your own chess engine is a great way to explore computational complexity and combinatorial aspects of programming. Not to mention it’s pretty fun! Follow along with this reflection on how one coder created his own Chess engine from scratch.

Spend Less Time Debugging, and More Time Building with Scout APM
Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code to give you the performance insights you need in less than 4 minutes! Start your free 14-day trial today and Scout will donate $5 to the OSS of your choice when you deploy →
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Serializing Objects With the Python pickle Module
Learn how you can use the Python pickle module to convert your objects into a stream of bytes that can be saved to a disk or sent over a network. You’ll also learn the security implications of using this process on objects from an untrusted source.

Is Python Really a Bottleneck?
Python is slow. From one perspective, that is. But what are the true bottlenecks in the data engineering/data processing space, and how does Python compare to other technologies when those factors are considered?

Use PyQt’s QThread to Prevent Freezing GUIs
In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to prevent freezing GUIs by offloading long-running tasks to worker QThreads in PyQt.

Python 3.10a3 Released
See what changes Python 3.10 will bring

New Steering Council Selected

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Entry-Level Engineering Programme (London, UK)

Senior Backend Engineer (London, UK)

Backend Engineer (London, UK)

Advanced Python Engineer (Newport Beach, CA, USA)

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Articles & Tutorials

How Python Manages Memory and Creating Arrays With np.linspace
Have you wondered how Python manages memory? How are your variables stored in memory, and when do they get deleted? This week on the show, David Amos is here, and he has brought another batch of PyCoder’s Weekly articles and projects. Along with the Real Python article on Python memory management, we also talk about another article about creating even and non-even spaced arrays in Python with np.linspace.

Performing OPTICS Clustering With Python and Scikit-Learn
Clustering is a big part of unsupervised machine learning. Since no labels are available, data point must be grouped, or clustered, based on some similarity measure. OPTICS is a clustering algorithm, and in this article you’lol learn how to use it with the Scikit-Learn library.

Looking for the Best Arduino Compatible Kit for Your Next Python Project
Check out the Dr.Duino Explorer Edition, it has everything you need in one convenient kit. Bluetooth LE, OLED Display, Addressable LEDs, buttons, switches and so much more! It’s Arduino UNO & Nano compatible!
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The pass Statement: How to Do Nothing in Python
In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the Python pass statement, which tells the interpreter to do nothing. Even though pass has no effect on program execution, it can be useful. You’ll see several use cases for pass as well as some alternative ways to do nothing in your code.

Visualizing the Mandelbrot Set Using Python
The Mandelbrot set is fractal and infinitely self-similar. Fortunately, you can write a finite Python program to visualize it! Have some fun creating beautiful pictures with this tutorial.

Generating STL Models With Python
Learn how to use the numpy-stl library to create STL files that can be loaded into CAD software and used to create 3D printed shapes.

Django Session-Based Auth for Single Page Apps
Learn how to add session-based authentication to a Single-Page Application powered by Django and React.
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Python-Sniffing Dogs in Florida Start Successfully Tracking Invasive Species
Watch out pythons! These dogs are on your trail.

Projects & Code

Brought to you by Real Python for Teamssponsor
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hiplot: HiPlot Makes Understanding High Dimensional Data Easy

numpy-stl: Library for Working With STL Files and 3D Objects

PsychRNN: Package for Training Recurrent Neural Network Models on Cognitive Tasks

PETAL: Tool for Deep Biological Pathway Analysis

A Day in Code: Python, a Picture Book Written in Code by Shari Eskenas

questionary: Build Pretty Command Line User Prompts

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