Issue #45

Happy Holidays

Dec. 21, 2012

Happy Holidays
Python in the browser, Requests 1.0.0 and much more.

Issue #45: Happy Holidays


Friday,  December 21st, 2012

Hi Pythonistas, 

It seems that the world has not ended so we call all be thankful abou that. We wanted to apologize about the lateness of this weeks issue, we were experiencing some technical difficulties but have gotten everything straightened out now.

Pycoders T-Shirts seem to be arriving now, if you have a picture of you wearing your shirt we would love it if you tweeted a picture of you wearing it at us at @pycoders.

Happy Holidays!!
As always, if you have any questions, comments, gripes or suggestions just hit reply to this email and let us know.

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Mahdi and Mike 
News and Developments.

Announcing Requests V1.0.0! (
The popular Requests HTTP library has reached V1.0.0, click through for all the changes.

Pandas v0.10.0 released (
A new version of the excellent Pandas data analysis library has been released. Lots of improvements and new features within.

Pyramid 1.4 released (
There are few incompatibilities between this version and the previous version interested parties should click through to read full release notes.

Python in the Browser (
This is an awesome of demo of the potential of python in the browser. Not a full AST tree but very cool project indeed.
From our sponsors:


They thought they could restrict my browsing at work. One does not simply restrict someone who knows python … (


komandr (
Komandr is a thin wrapper around argparse that helps turn your regular functions into command line interfaces in seconds. Very cool!

histopy (
Pretty neat! A this day in history api that pulls data from Wikipedia for their “This day in history” feature.

metamagic.json (
Metamagic.json is a Python 3.3 only, ultra fast JSON encoder. Benchmarks in the README.

ddg (
One of the best features of the Duck Duck Go search engine is its “Zero click info”. Essentially when you perform a search query on Duck Duck Go if it has information to show you about a topic it will show you rather than you having to click results.  The ddg library gives you this ability from the command line. Type a query and it returns the zero click info from Duck Duck Go.

django-import-export (
This is a pretty useful app. It allows for data import and export to multiple formats like Excel, CSV, JSON, etc. all with admin integration for both important and export.

blaze (
Blaze is moving in as the next generation of NumPy. Recently Travis Oliphant left NumPy development to continue onto Blaze. Take a look at the README to see what Blaze is all about.

pypackage (


pyMCU + Servos and Foam = Python Head Man! (
A glowing head powered by Python. The author shows how he built a python controlled head using pyMCU, servo’s and foam. Check out the post for the video and here for the code.

Passing the torch of NumPy and moving on to Blaze (
Travis Oliphant is leaving NumPy development to work on Blaze, here he reposts in his blog his message to the NumPy community about his departure.

Python with strings attached (
Wow. This is a very detailed post about the encoding of bytestrings returned from`__repr__` and `__str__` in Python 2.x.

Adding web sockets to Flask apps (
Web Sockets are the (sorta)new hotness. Check out this walkthrough to get Web Sockets up and running on your Flask application. The author steps through setting up your basic Flask app, setting up the Socket endpoint and setting up your client to communicate with the server.

Symbolic Math with Python (

Hacking with Geoscript (


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