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Lambda Functions, Progress Bars, Python GUI Apps, and More

June 25, 2019

Lambda Functions, Progress Bars, Python GUI Apps, and More
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How to Use Python Lambda Functions
In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn about Python lambda functions. You’ll see how they compare with regular functions and how you can use them in accordance with best practices.

How to Easily Use a Progress Bar in Python
A survey of Python progress bar libraries like Progress, ProgressBar2, TQDM, Click, and Clint that allow you to add animated progress bars to your command-line apps.
CODINGDOSE.INFO • Shared by Franccesco Orozco

Take the Hassle Out of Code Reviews—Codacy Flags Errors So You Can Fix Them Quickly
Customize standards on coverage, duplication, complexity and style violations, and see results directly from your Git workflow. Use in the cloud or on private servers, free for open source projects & small teams →

We Ported a Qt App From C++ to Python. Here’s What Happened
“Our experience at ICS with Python and PyQt is that large complex (typically desktop) applications can be developed with Python. Users can’t tell that it was implemented in Python and not C++. Performance is typically not an issue, and experienced Qt C++ developers can quickly make the transition to Python.”

Let’s Build a Simple Interpreter With Python
Part 15 in Ruslan’s ongoing series about building an interpreter from scratch, with Python.

ARIMA Model: Complete Guide to Time Series Forecasting in Python
In this post, you’ll build an optimal ARIMA model from scratch and extend it to Seasonal ARIMA (SARIMA) and SARIMAX models. You will also see how to build autoarima models in Python.

Introduction to Python for C/Java Programmers
A guide to Python written for an audience who is already familiar with languages such as C and Java.

Generating Random Data in Python
In this course, you’ll cover several options for generating random data in Python, and then build up to a comparison of each in terms of its level of security, versatility, purpose, and speed.

Building Standalone Python Applications With PyOxidizer
“PyOxidizer’s marquee feature is that it can produce a single file executable containing a fully-featured Python interpreter, its extensions, standard library, and your application’s modules and resources.”


Tips on How to Shorten the Run Time of a Large (> 1.5k Tests) Pytest Test Suite?

What’s Your Favorite Syntactic Sugar in Python?

What Framework/Hosting Does Your Python Blog Run On?

Guido: I stole Python’s elif from the C Preprocessor

Python Jobs

Senior Backend Software Engineer (Remote)

Lead Python Software Developer (Toronto, Canada)

Data Engineer (Munich, Germany)

Senior Python Developer (Malta, Europe)

More Python Jobs >>>

Articles & Tutorials

Python’s Mypy—Advanced Usage
“In my last article, I covered some basic uses for Mypy. Here, I want to expand upon those basics and show how Mypy really digs deeply into type definitions, allowing you to describe your code in a way that lets you be more confident of its stability.”

Basic Input, Output, and String Formatting in Python
In this step-by-step Python tutorial, you’ll learn how to take user input from the keyboard with the built-in function input(), how to display output to the console with the built-in function print(), and how to format string data with the string modulo operator.

Build Python in Minutes With ActiveState
Tired of Conda-installing? Automatically build your Python runtime environment with the packages you need: Automatically resolve dependencies, install in a virtual environment with a single command. Supports Python 2.7 and 3.6 on Linux and Windows. Build Now (Free Account) →

Parsing Nested JSON Records in Python
“For analyzing complex JSON data in Python, there aren’t clear, general methods for extracting information […] This post provides a solution if one knows the path through the nested JSON to the desired information.”

From Python to Go to Rust: An Opinionated Journey
“Go is cool but doesn’t provide enough type safety for me. I would rather stick with Python and its ecosystem than risking re-writing stuff in Go if I don’t need concurrency.” Related discussion on Hacker News

Behind the Scenes at the Python Software Foundation
An interview about how the Python Software Foundation helps the language and community and how you can help them in their mission.

Innovate Software at OSCON
Join us this July at the O’Reilly Open Source Software Conference (OSCON) to discover what’s shaping software development and dive into the key technologies needed to build resilient, useful, innovative software. Save 25% with code PYCODER

Clojure & Python, Side by Side (2011)
“As an exercise, I translated Peter Norvig’s Sudoku solver from Python to Clojure.”

10 Hacks to Speed Up Your Data Analysis in Python

Projects & Code

pytest-plugins: A Grab-Bag of Nifty Pytest Plugins

Chemics: Python Package for Chemical Reactor Engineering
CHEMICS.GITHUB.IO • Shared by Gavin Wiggins

Real-Time-Voice-Cloning: Clone a Voice in 5 Seconds to Generate Arbitrary Speech in Real-Time

PySimpleGUI: Python GUI Toolkit

HTTP3: Next Generation HTTP Client for Python 3

clojure-py: An Implementation of Clojure in Pure (Dynamic) Python

inline-python: Inline Python Code Directly in Your Rust Code

📆🐍 Upcoming Python Events

⋅ Django Girls Abuja June 28 to June 30, 2019

⋅ PythOnRio Meetup June 29, 2019

⋅ PyDayNEA 2019 June 29 to June 30, 2019

⋅ PyDay Pereira June 29 to June 30, 2019

⋅ Melbourne Python Users Group July 1, 2019

⋅ PiterPy Breakfast July 3, 2019

⋅ Reunión Python Valencia July 4, 2019

⋅ Sydney Python User Group (SyPy) July 4, 2019

⋅ Dash Conference July 16–17 in NYC
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