Issue #283


Sept. 12, 2017

Django security updates, future-fstrings, ice, loop, unicode and much more.

Issue #283: Tiger

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Django security releases issued: 1.11.5 and 1.10.8
Update your versions! Just in case you missed this last week.
Shared by @mgrouchy

The Incredible Growth of Python
Python usage is growing like crazy. Interesting stats here!
Shared by @mgrouchy


PEP 557 -- Data Classes
Shared by @myusuf3


Senior Software Engineer - Python (Shepards Bush, London, UK)
Posted By Pole Star Space Applications LTD

Software Engineer - Python (London, UK)
Posted By Pole Star Space Applications LTD

Senior Software Engineer - backend (Anywhere)
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Software Engineer - iPaas (Reston, VA)
Posted By ScienceLogic.

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The aim of this project is to turn on a REAL beacon light when a new urgent issue is created!.
Shared by @pimuzzo

Ice - WSGI on the rocks.
Shared by @mgrouchy

SpeechPy - A Library for Speech Processing and Recognition.
Shared by @mgrouchy

A Python Implementation of the BV Homomorphic Encryption Scheme.
Shared by @mgrouchy

A minimalist argument-parsing library for Python.
Shared by @myusuf3

A backport of fstrings to python<3.6.
Shared by @nicoddemus

AWX provides a web-based user interface, REST API, and task engine built on top of Ansible. It is the upstream project for Tower, a commercial derivative of AWX.
Shared by @mgrouchy

Deep learning for recommender systems.
Shared by @myusuf3

An open-source NLP research library, built on PyTorch.
Shared by @myusuf3

Efficient Batched Reinforcement Learning in TensorFlow.
Shared by @myusuf3

Tensor Learning in Python.
Shared by @myusuf3

A method to generate speech across multiple speakers.
Shared by @myusuf3


The Tale of Creating a Distributed Web Crawler
Shared by @mbenbernard

How to Generate FiveThirtyEight Graphs in Python
Emulate FiveThirtyEight's visualization styles with Python, matplotlib and pandas.
Shared by @mgrouchy

How Python does Unicode
Everything you needed to know about Python and unicode.
Shared by @myusuf3

A First Exercise in Natural Language Processing with Python: Counting Hapaxes
Shared by @mgrouchy

Extending Python With C Libraries and the “ctypes†Module
Explore basics of ctypes like loading C libraries, calling a simple C function, passing mutable and immutable strings and managing memory.
Shared by @myusuf3

Let me introduce: __slots__
Time to learn about slots!
Shared by @mgrouchy

Building a graph of flights from airport codes in tweets
Shared by @mgrouchy
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