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May 18, 2017

Picasso, wscelery, and much more.

Issue #267: Kotlin

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DjangoREST Framework 3.6.3 Released!
More details after the jump.
Shared by @mgrouchy


Python for Scientists and Engineers is Now Free to Read Online
Shared by @myusuf3
What are the most repetitive pieces of code that you keep having to write?
Shared by @mgrouchy


Tech Lead - Python/Django (London, England)
Posted By YunoJuno. Promoted

Software Engineer - Python/Geospatial (London, England)
Posted By Pole Star Space Applications LTD. Promoted

Senior Software Engineer (Remote or Onsite)
Posted By The Advisory Board Company.

Engineering Manager, Product (San Francisco, CA)
Posted By DoorDash.

Engineering Manager, Infrastructure (San Francisco, CA)
Posted By DoorDash.

Senior Software Engineer - Python (Boston, MA)
Posted By GreatCall.

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Find the path of a key.
Shared by @mgrouchy
Open-source software for robot simulation, integrated with OpenAI Gym.
Shared by @myusuf3
A TensorFlow Implementation of Tacotron.
Shared by @mgrouchy
Nginx configuration static analyzer.
Shared by @mgrouchy
Easy pipelines for pandas DataFrames.
Shared by @mgrouchy
Count the number of people around you by monitoring wifi signals.
Shared by @myusuf3
Deep Feature Flow for Video Recognition.
Shared by @mgrouchy
A Convolutional Neural Networks visualizer, very cool web app. With a way to provide your own models.
Shared by @myusuf3
Real time celery monitoring using websockets.
Shared by @mgrouchy
Django-admin command to display migrations with dependencies.
Shared by @dizballanze


Keyword Argument Confusion in Python
Nice read, little pedantic but worth the read.
Shared by @myusuf3
Module Import Precedence in Python
PEMDAS for Python Modules.
Shared by @mgrouchy
Spelling with Elemental Symbols
Fun little exercise on how to recreate words only using elements from the periodic table.
Shared by @mgrouchy
Using Python and Google Docs to Build Books
Very cool way to use free tools to build a real book!
Shared by @myusuf3
Realtime Python TCP Server Part I
How to implement asynchronous echo TCP Server & Client using Tornado framework.
Shared by @Databrawl
PyFormat: Using % and .format() for great good!
We have all been there, now there is a website for your sorrow.
Shared by @mgrouchy
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