Issue #2

PyCon All The Things

Feb. 24, 2012

PyCon All The Things
Pycoder's Weekly (Issue #2) : PyCon All The Things

Issue #2 : PyCon All The Things


Friday, February 24th, 2012

Hi Pythonistas. Let's keep things moving, with our second issue of the Pycoder's Weekly. Its been a slow week this week, looks like everyone is gearing up for PyCon.

So as promised we have setup an rss for all the articles which can be found here. We also managed to get previous issues up on the site for those of you who wanted it, larger archive to come!

Seeing as this is a newsletter, we will be uploading previous week's issue to the site as we release the new one to mailing list, we feel our subscribers should get the content first.  


Mahdi and Mike
News and Latest Developments.

Startup Row Winners Pycon 2012
For those of you interested in Startups, you might want to pay attention here. PyCon Startup Row highlights the hottest python-using startups, and they will all be exhibiting at PyCon this year.

What should Guido talk about at PyCon?
Guido trying to step away from giving a boring “state of the union”, or “feel-good motivational speech” for his annual PyCon keynote this year. He knowingly admits these types of speeches aren’t his strong suit so he is soliciting suggestions on Google+.
Drop in with your suggestions!

Win tickets to PyCon 2012!
For those of you who are sadly weeping at your keyboards about not being able to head to PyCon this year,  you are in luck, there is a God. The guys over at dotcloud have setup a contest so you guys can still get in on the action.


Building Android apps in Python
This is pretty cool discussion that sparked up on Reddit on the inability to develop full Android applications in our beloved Python. The original poster clearly took a very combative stance but the discussion was interesting and brought up cool projects such as SL4A.

min() vs. sort()
Simple question which is faster when trying to get the smallest number (float) in huge list.  Problem is easily solved (min() is faster) quite a cool discussion though about the intricacies of sort.


Online Python Tutor
This project is quite awesome. It accepts any valid python code and lets you step through it and visualizes the stack and output as you step through. It gives you a very clear and concise idea of how the stack works! Give it a try.

Django Knowledge
Ever build a side project that has gotten some use, but you have to deal with answering the same question again and again. The Django Knowledge application by the Zapier guys lets you quickly add a knowledge base or help desk to any Django application.

Django Bootstrap
So, you can code up a storm in the back-end, but your sites still look sub-par. Well you’re in luck, Bootstrap does that and more. Still too lazy to hack together CSS and HTML, then Django Bootstrap is for you. Django Form implementation of the Twitter-Bootstrap UI by Earle Ady.

Flask Debug Toolbar
Do you love django-debug-toolbar? Looking for the same awesomeness in flask? Well you are in luck, flask-debug-toolbar is here. Gives cool metrics on load times and errors on pages for debug flask apps. Brought to you by Matt Good.


CS 373: Programming a Robotic Car
This a open course provided by Udacity teaching how to program a car in seven weeks. You don't even need to download Python (like you haven’t, you sly devil you) they will provide everything in the browser.  Great!

PyGame Treasure
We all love games, why not build some using Python. Katie Cunningham steps into the second part of this series on how to build games using PyGame. Interesting series definitely worth a look.

Python Web Server CPython vs. Pypy
This article sums up all the types of  web frameworks and the servers that they could be running. He then takes it a step farther and applies different python deployments. The conclusions James reaches are quite interesting.

True and False Python 2
Cool summary on how Python handles True and False and 1/0 in terms of performance. Informative article by Simon

Python Documentation Search Application
Our newest hero Gustavo Ambrozio, used the python documentation and integrated it to work with Dash a code snippet manager and documentation browser. Dash makes it a breeze to look up any documentation. Use this.


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