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Aug. 21, 2015

Django Security Releases, rb, git-remote-dropbox and much more.

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Django Security releases issued: 1.8.4, 1.7.10, 1.4.22
Time to upgrade your Django versions, check out the link for all the details for the releases!
Shared by @mgrouchy


What are some projects you have done with Python?
Shared by @myusuf3

I made a reddit bot that creates memes out of image posts and their top comments
Shared by @mgrouchy



Lupa integrates the runtimes of Lua or LuaJIT2 into CPython.
Shared by @mgrouchy

Pretty neat exercise. An automated subreddit with posts created using markov chains
Shared by @mgrouchy

Use this utility to record your android device screen to a gif.
Shared by @myusuf3

A scripting language written in Python to make writing HTTP Request routines simpler.
Shared by @mgrouchy

Awesome. A transparent bridge between git and Dropbox. It allows you to use a shared dropbox folder as a git remote
Shared by @myusuf3

From the team at Sentry, Routing and connection management for Redis in Python.
Shared by @mgrouchy

A Zeroconf-based peer to peer file transfer utility.
Shared by @mgrouchy

ZeroMQ for Pythonistas. This project differs from PyZMQ in that it aims to make distributed systems employing ZeroMQ as pythonic as possible.
Shared by @x8lucas8x

A simple python library for interaction with Office 365.
Shared by @mgrouchy

PGP encrypted fields for PostgreSQL, which are encrypted by the pgcrypto postgres extension.
Shared by @truecoldmind

A Python library that implements a consistent hash ring for building distributed apps implemented using Redis.
Shared by @thomas_st

An open source ecommerce platform written in Python and Django.
Shared by @myusuf3

Shared by @mgrouchy


Exploring the Top Incomes Database with Pandas and Matplotlib
A look at the worlds top income database. Great look at exploring a large dataset with Pandas and Matplotlib.
Shared by @mgrouchy

ORMs under the hood
Ever wonder how ORM's work? This takes a look at how ORM's work and are constructed, also has a brief look at available ORM's out there and some sample code with SQLAlchemy.
Shared by @mgrouchy

Setting up python development environment with buildout
Very simple tutorial to help you get your python development environments setup with buildout.
Shared by @myusuf3

A/B Testing with Hierarchical Models in Python
In this post the author discusses "a method for A/B testing using Beta-Binomial Hierarchical models to correct for a common pitfall when testing multiple hypotheses".
Shared by @mgrouchy

Creating Powerpoint Presentations with Python
This is cool, use python, pptx, and popular python data and visualization tools pandas, numpy, matplotlib and seaborn to create Powerpoint presentations.
Shared by @mgrouchy

Intermediate Python Book
A creative commons licensed Python book for the Intermedia Python programmer, but with tips and something to learn for all Python programmers.
Shared by @mgrouchy

How I Hacked Amazon’s $5 WiFi Button to track Baby Data
This is awesome. Hacking amazon's buy button to record datapoints about baby!
Shared by @mgrouchy
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