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Oct. 3, 2014

Anaconda 2.1, qdb, celery in production and much more.

Issue #135: Uptime 

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Anaconda 2.1 Released
A new version of Anaconda has been released with updates for many packages and new version of the Anaconda launcher.
Shared by @mgrouchy


Python on your resume.
Shared by @mgrouchy


Full Stack Engineer - Python/Django (San Francisco, CA) 
Posted By Counsyl. Promoted


A collection of utilities to help fight and prevent memory_leaks.
Shared by @jtushman

An embedded graph datastore that stores adjacency lists similar to FlockDB . However, allows you to query them with traversals (graph-walking queries), and works with datasets that you can fit into SQLite.
Shared by @__buscemi

SortedList, SortedDict, and SortedSet for Python. Supports Python 2.6, 2.7 (and PyPy), 3.2 (and PyPy 3), 3.3, and 3.4.
Shared by @cool-RR

A weekly series of Screencasts covering an introduction to Flask.
Shared by @mgrouchy

Library for building powerful interactive command lines in Python.
Shared by @mgrouchy

Backend for the the Taiga project management application. Built on top of Django and Angular JS. Also has multiple available front ends.
Shared by @mgrouchy

Remote Debugger for Python
Shared by @myusuf3

SHARQ Server is a flexible, open source, rate limited queuing system.
Shared by @myusuf3

Caches your Django ORM queries and automatically invalidates them. Picks up where Johnny-cache left off with support for Django 1.6+
Shared by @mgrouchy

Shared by @mgrouchy


Celery In Production
How Caktus Group uses Celery in production!
Shared by @myusuf3

Making a Little Planet Panorma using Python and Scikit Image
Very cool tutorial for creating a little planet style panorama with SciKit-image. This is the result, check out the tutorial!
Shared by @myusuf3

JSON Web Token Authentication with Django and AngularJS
A nice tutorial to get you started learning about and implementing JSON Web Token authentication with Django and AngularJS.
Shared by @jamesbrwr

Asyncio Implementation Overview
Awesome article for understanding asyncio! For the beginner to async programming but adequately experienced python developers.
Shared by @myusuf3

Upgrading Your Django Reusable App to Support Django 1.7
Nice tutorial to help you simply upgrade your reusable Django applications to support Django 1.7.
Shared by @mgrouchy

Building an Analytics App with Flask
Very detailed walkthrough of creating an analytics server application with Flask.
Shared by @mgrouchy

Maybe in Python
Shared by @myusuf3

Upgrading Django (to 1.7) Part II: Migrations in Django 1.6 and 1.7
Part 2 of a article for upgrading to Django 1.7. Good read.
Shared by @myusuf3

Creating a Custom Registration Flow with Django
Nice tutorial of how to extend use of the django-registrations library to create your own custom registration flows.
Shared by @mgrouchy
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