Issue #127

Kevin Love

Aug. 8, 2014

Kevin Love
IPython 2.2.0, Toga, doorman and much more.

Issue #127: Kevin Love

Weekly dose of all things Python.
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IPython 2.2 released
IPython 2.2 has been released including a security fix. Check out the list of issues closed to get all the details on this release!
Shared by @mgrouchy


Python for business analytics reporting
Shared by @mgrouchy

Sims 4 Modding will use python!
Shared by @mgrouchy



Keeps your secrets, secret. Allows you to put the keys, passwords and things you want to keep secret in a config file and then hide and show your secrets.
Shared by @halitalptekin

Provide a coloured horizontal rule for your terminal. Useful for marking debugging blocks and the like.
Shared by @itsnauman

A Python native, OS native GUI toolkit. Very cool project for building Native GUI apps with Python.
Shared by @mgrouchy

This is very useful if you use google spreadsheets. Butterdb is an orm for Google drive spreadsheets.
Shared by @mgrouchy

A simple website that helps you bootstrap your .vimrc for your preferred language.
Shared by @mgrouchy

A Bayesian testing framework written in Python. KCBO allows you to do Bayesian data analysis without worrying about the implementation details for a certain test.
Shared by @mgrouchy

Remove the boilerplate from your life with characteristic. This project gives you a human-readable __repr__, a complete set of comparison methods, and a kwargs-based initializer.
Shared by @mgrouchy

This is a plugin which will terminate tests after a certain timeout. Especially useful if you are trying to keep your test suite runtime low or if you want to figure out hangs in ci environment.
Shared by @myusuf3

A gevent based python client for the NSQ distributed messaging platform.
Shared by @mgrouchy

Manage your Google spreadsheets with gspread in Python.
Shared by @myusuf3


Passing parameters to Django admin action
Sometimes wrangling the Django admin to do what you want can be a pain. This is a nice little tutorial which shows you have to pass parameterized data to custom Django admin actions.
Shared by @myusuf3

Some Suggestions for Teaching Python
Nick Coghlan gives some suggestions for teaching Python garnered from his experiences as a teaching assistant at a recent Software Carpentry bootcamp.
Shared by @mgrouchy

Getting Started with Python Internals
Nice guide to get you ready to jump in and start working with Python internals.
Shared by @mgrouchy

Scraping Craigslist for sold out concert tickets
Nice little tutorial on scraping to solve a problem. I would have use twilio for the SMS part though.
Shared by @myusuf3

Gevent: Asynchronous I/O Made Easy
Nice article on explaining asynchronous i/o with gevent as well as generators and coroutines.
Shared by @myusuf3

Python for Programmers
A nice collection of all the things you probably wanted to know when you started writing python programs.
Shared by @mgrouchy

Deploying a Django app on Amazon EC2 instance.
Nice article on how to deploy Django on EC2 and introduces concepts like load balancing and autoscaling too.
Shared by @myusuf3
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